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The tax regime in Cyprus provides excellent motivations for setting up a company which can be used as an International Business Company both in Cyprus and abroad. Registering a Cyprus Company from the tax – planning aspect there are following advantages:

  • Cyprus Companies can be used as a gateway to Europe, Asia and Middle East as Cyprus is an island situated in the north-eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The full EU membership of Cyprus and its accession to Eurozone render a Cyprus registered Company a prestigious vehicle.
  • The Cyprus tax legislation is fully compliant with the EU Acquis Communautaire and EU Directives. It is also in full compliance with the code of Conduct for Business Taxation and against harmful tax competition.
  • Cyprus companies enjoy the lower tax rate in Europe (flat rate of 12.5% for trading income). A Cyprus company can be used for business in Cyprus or/and abroad.
  • Cyprus has managed to establish itself as a reputable, well developed and trust-worthy financial centre complemented by an advanced legal and accounting system, highly skilled and multilingual workforce, excellent telecommunication systems and convenient year round flight connections.
  • Cyprus Companies enjoy the advantages of various important double taxation treaties something that render a Cyprus Company a really useful vehicle for receipt of dividends, interest and royalties (in many cases zero tax).
  • Cyprus law allows the use of trustee shareholders and nominee directors / secretaries.

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